What Underwear Works Best at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

When you book a boudoir photo shoot, your thoughts are likely to turn to the underwear that you’re going to be photographed in.  You might well be wondering what works best at a photo shoot, well here’s  a bit of advice…

First and foremost, this shoot is about you.

It should reflect your style, your taste and what you feel the most beautiful in so the first rule is there are no rules that you should follow if you don't like them.

That said, if you’re investing in a boudoir photo shoot unless you have a great selection of fabulous underwear already (I don’t, but that might well just be me), you might want to make a little shopping trip.  If you’re going to do that, you could consider getting yourself measured so that the fit is absolutely perfect (I’m always reading about how many of us ladies wear the wrong bra size) but definitely make sure that what you buy fits neatly everywhere it should, without bagging, or cutting in and pinching anywhere.  Perfect fitting underwear will enhance your shape while allowing you to move and pose freely and comfortably.

What Underwear Works Best at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

It comes down to personal preference really but I’m not sure that you can go far wrong with classic styles of underwear like corsets, basques, baby dolls, bustiers and chemises and of course stockings and suspenders.  Bra and pant sets can be very exposing especially if you are at all self conscious about your tummy area but then like I said at the start, if you love how you look in them then wear them.

Underwear with built in support is a good idea, and a little extra padding is not normally a bad thing (again, that might just be me!) – especially for any shots that we take while you are reclining.  A little support just keeps everything in the right place.

There’s no rules about colours that work in the studio as it’s a very versatile space and I have lots of backdrop choices so wear black if it makes you feel great but if you feel the urge to rock fuchsia pink then that works too!

You don’t have to go with all your underwear being on show to bring out your inner sexy.  Men’s shirts with a hint of cleavage, a little flash of silk underwear beneath a robe, his favourite over-sized sweater, you get my drift…

Which Underwear Works Best at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Stockings always hold a glamorous type of sex appeal but if you find them a bit of a faff (although I’m always there to help you with the fiddly little devils) then there are such an amazing range of hold ups available nowadays.  You might want to be bare legged but I’d definitely recommend at least one classic stockings and suspenders shot.

Shoes!  Don’t forget to dress your feet for the occasion and bring along a choice so we can mix and match.  Barefoot shots can be cute (don’t forget your pedicure) but heels will make your legs look longer, help you with posing and let’s be honest, killer heels just scream ‘sexy’ so they’re kind of a must-have item for your boudoir suitcase.

Which Underwear Works Best at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

When you’re putting together your looks for you photo shoot, don’t forget about accessories and jewellery.  Would one set of vintage lingerie look amazing with long gloves and pearls?  Do you have a bright modern set of lingerie that would look wonderful with something sparkly. If you have pierced ears but you don’t fancy changing your earrings in your shoot, then I’d still recommend you wear something, even if it’s just a little stud. We have time in a shoot when you get changed to swap accessories too, so think like a stylist and create your perfect look from top to toe.

Finally, bring more than you need. If you’re not sure whether something will work or if you will use it, then put it in the bag anyway. It’s always best to have it there if you do decide to use it than kick yourself because you left it at home.  Bring what you love and what makes you feel fabulous and you can be sure that this will shine through in the photos! Article by Sarah Fisher