VisualChaos is proud to be working with Mark Love and MDL Coaching to produce a short information video to let everyone know about the great tennis coaching service that they offering in the Surrey Area.  They’re certainly not newcomers on the coaching scene though, with Mark having established the business over 14 years ago but this kind of video is perfect for a business at any stage of it’s development.

He has a team of coaches to work with him now but Mark himself has won National Coach of the Year in 2015, Surrey Development Coach of the Year in 2016.  One of the clubs he works in partnership with now, Purley Bury Tennis Club, has also just been awarded Surrey Club of the Year.  A fact that club chairman, Michael Vaughan, offers Mark part of the credit for this.  So there’s no shortage of people who already know the advantages that MDL coaching has to offer the tennis student.



  • Purley Bury LTC

  • South Croydon SC

  • Sanderstead LTC

  • Sanderstead Village LTC

  • Cheam LTC

  • The Downs LTC

  • Cheam Fields Club

MDL Coaching offer group and private tennis lessons for all age groups across seven tennis clubs and more than 20 schools.  With a team of seven full time LTA accredited coaches, there’s a lot of tennis experience on offer.  And there’s more than weekly lessons to be enjoyed, there’s a whole host of camps and fun events designed to get kids into tennis at an early age as well as provide great fun and healthy holiday activities.  Who knows, perhaps the next Andy Murray could be hitting backhands under Mark’s watchful coaching eye as we speak!

To find out more about MDL coaching, you can check out their website and watch this space for their fantastic new business explainer video – coming soon!