VisualChaos Studios and Advanced Valeting and Detailing

VisualChaos Studios and Advanced Valeting and Detailing

Another exciting new project on the slate for VisualChaos Studios working with Advanced Valeting and Detailing. Forget a bucket and sponge when it comes to taking care of your care, these guys offer a serious high quality valeting and detailing service, including ceramic paint protection to keep your pride and joy in top condition for longer.

In business since 2004 and based in Brighton (East Sussex), this business offers a wide range of car care services, from mobile interior and exterior valeting through to advanced enhancement detailing to address minor paint defects and enhance the appearance of your car’s paintwork.

One of the key messages of their video was the advantages of having your car’s paintwork professional protected with them rather than taking the option of adding it to your purchase price at a dealership.  The time required to properly prepare, decontaminate and apply the layers of ceramic coating (with appropriate airing time) is something your dealer just can’t offer and you could end up paying for improperly applied protection in the rush to get your new car to you. Advanced Valeting and Detailing offer a thorough and professional service, quite often at less than the dealership price.

Anyway, you’ll be able to find out all about this and much more, when you view the finished video so keep an eye out on here to learn more.

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