Wedding Facts and Figures

Wedding Facts and Figures

Wedding Facts and Figures

There’s probably no such thing as an average wedding in reality but if you ask enough people, you can gather up some trends, so here we go with some wedding ‘facts and figures’ so you can see how you compare.

The most popular month to get married is August…

That’s not very surprising as when you think of weddings, you generally think of the summer time.  The second most popular however is one you might not expect – May.   I guess the spring time just brings out the romantic in us.

47% of Couples Pay for their own Weddings…

A sigh of relief for the father of the bride as, according to a recent Bride’s magazine survey, 47% of couples now say that they are making the biggest contribution towards their wedding costs.  Just one quarter now say that their parents are paying more then them for the big day.

The Average Number of Guests is 106…

So if you thought your wedding guest list was spiraling out of control when you hit the 80 mark, then take a deep breath and remember that you are statistically still having a small wedding.


Civil Ceremonies Account for 70% of all Weddings…

The church has been a less popular wedding venue since 1976, with the proportion of civil ceremonies taking a sharp jump up when private buildings joined the wedding party.

The Average Cost of a Wedding is £24716…

Again this is according to a recent survey of Brides magazine readers and includes and average spend on the honeymoon of just shy of £4000.  The reception venue was the biggest investment on the list with the wedding shoes coming in at the bottom of the list at £107.  So if you have managed to score a bargain in the shoe department, then obviously you are entirely entitled to buy more champagne!

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