Everybody’s baking these days. The Great British Bake Off has inspired so many people to get in their kitchens and get creative.  Food is one of those areas which just keeps getting reinvented – just when you thought there was nothing left that was new, the latest trend to hit weddings is the “Pie Pop”.

Cake pops, well they were an incredibly popular way to serve bite size pieces of cake smothered in yummy icing and chocolate without guests getting messy and needing a plate.  Plus you can kid yourself that it is tiny and therefore contains no calories.  Just me?  OK.  It is no doubt that they have been the star of the desert tables and buffets for the last couple of years with a wealth of beautiful decorating ideas making them as easy on the eye as they are on the tongue.

But there is a challenger in town in the form of pie pops… With almost as wide a range of fillings as you can think of and lots of options in terms of finishing with lattice tops, cut outs and even monograms, pie pops are set to fight it out with their cake pop friends over the next couple of years.   Sweet and fruity and perfect served with custard and cream for dipping, then these little lovelies offer a great sweet treat without mess or fuss.

Why not have both?  Just me?  OK.

Wedding Pie Pops
Wedding Pie Pops for your reception
Wedding Pie Pops
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