I recently had the pleasure of photographing a Humanist wedding at the very lovely Alexander House Hotel in Turners Hill (I could wax lyrical about this fabulous wedding venue but that’s not the point of this blog post so I won’t!Instead, you can find out more about it at my Alexander House Hotel wedding venue page).

I’ve always found Humanist ceremonies to be very moving as the couple have complete flexibility to make the ceremony exactly as the wish and very personal to them.  This couple had decided to include a Sand Ceremony as part of the proceedings and it was a really lovely addition.

The idea is that it provides a very visual representation of what happens when a couple join in marriage with the couple each pouring a different colour sand into a glass vessel with the grains merging and mingling and becoming one.  It would be impossible to separate those grains of sand as it would be impossible to separate the couple now they are joined together in marriage.  In addition to this, they asked their wedding guests also to add some sand of their own, adding their love and support to the union. The vessel can then be displayed in the home as a permanent reminder of the day.

It was a very moving part of the service and just such a lovely idea!