Wedding Ceremony - Sand CeremoniesA relatively new arrival as part of UK wedding ceremonies, the sand ceremony is certain to increase in popularity over 2014. Similar in principle to the unity candle, the sand ceremony provides a very moving and visual representation of what happens when couples decide to join together in marriage.  The sand ceremony, unlike the unity candle, can easily take place outdoors as it is unaffected by the wind conditions which can make it the symbol of choice for couples choosing an outdoor wedding venue.

The principle is that the bride and groom pour a different colour sand into a glass vessel where it mixes to form a single colour.  First the bride pours her sand into a glass container in her colour, then the groom adds a layer in his colour.  Finally they pour their sand in together in a continuous stream so it enters the vessel already a mix of the two layers.  The top layer represents them as a married couple – as hard as it would be to separate those grains of sand, it is to separate those two lives that are now joined together. The vessel is then stoppered and can be displayed in the home as a permanent reminder of the day.

All colours of sand are available so it makes it easy to match into your colour scheme and the ceremony can be customised to include children or other family members where required.