wedding table photo prompts free download

How’s this for a super cute idea for your wedding?  This little list is designed to sit on each wedding table to inspire your guests to create great images on your behalf as well as to working as an icebreaker to get everyone talking. Well you can download it for free using the button below…

Originally (back in the old days) it would have been designed to be used with your disposable wedding cameras but now of course, I can’t imagine that there would be a table that doesn’t have a mobile phone or camera on it so everyone can pitch in and create their own images or they can nominate a table leader and create their ‘art’ as a group.   Add in your wedding hashtag for them to tag their finished images with and you can sit back after your wedding and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Just use the button below to download a free printable version with four cards on an A4 sheet with space for you to add your wedding hashtag.


Wedding Photography Information
Download the Free Printable