Unless you really have had your head in the sand for the last five years, you can’t have failed to notice an explosion in the popularity of tattoos – let’s face, if David Dimbleby is doing it, it has definitely made it into the mainstream.  There was a time, and it wasn’t all that long ago really, that brides allocated extra time on their wedding day for their make up artist to cover up the tattoos that were proud enough to bare on any other day but thought wouldn’t be appropriate for their ‘big day’ and may have offended the sensibilities for auntie whatever.  But now, it would seem that there aren’t many folk left that don’t dare to bare their ink on a daily basis and it is as much a part of them as the nose on their face.  So why should it be an issue on their wedding day?  Out and proud as far as the tattoos are concerned…

However if you’re like me and you don’t have any to show off because you’ve just been too indecisive (and a little bit scared of the painful bit if I’m being totally honest), but you like the look, there are a whole range of temporary tattoos that are available for brides on their wedding day.  Don’t think about the transfers of superheros that you used to get in those packets of candy ‘cigarettes’ or on the cover of the really cool comics – these are grown up, sophisticated and best of all, gone by the time your cake has been eaten.  In fact, one company Tattyoo is offered prices and packages to allow you to share the inky love and gift these new cooler temporary tattoos to your wedding guests as favours that they can enjoy on your wedding day (they do also make for really quite cool photo opportunities).

So watch out for this as an upcoming trend in 2014 weddings – more baring and featuring of all the real tattoos that people have paid real money and endured real pain for and the addition of temporary tattoos for those with commitment issues that extend to their skin if not to their choice of partner.


Wedding Trends - Temporary Bridal TattoosWedding Trends - Temporary Bridal Tattoos Wedding Trends - Temporary Bridal Tattoos