Whimsical Wedding Trend Seating

2013 was a massive year for vintage and rustic weddings and this looks set to continue for 2014 but an exciting trend in addition to these, and one that perfectly compliments their eclectic style, is the addition of some very whimsical touches.  No area is safe from its charmingly eccentric influence.

Traditional seating plans can be thrown out in favour of new arrangements from spirals to log seats topped with coloured cushions and blanket covered hay-bale sofas.

Traditional floral bouquets are being replaced by giant paper flowers, windmills, button, feather and felt bouquets – anything your imagination can dream up goes in this magical wedding theme.

The topsy turvy cake is the perfect accessories to any whimsical wedding breakfast with its defiance of gravity and you don’t need to stick to white and ivory – pile in all your favourite colours and any extravagant toppers and accessories.

Brides have the option of keeping things traditional in terms of the dresses for the bride and bridesmaids but letting their whimsical side out with original accessories such as shoes and fascinators – the floral crown is looking to be a popular choice with free flowing hair styles.

It really is a style where anything goes – not crazy for the sake of it but a chance to include everything you love into your wedding without being constrained by tradition and expectation making for a very personal and endearing wedding style that is set to endure for the foreseeable.  After all, who doesn’t know that a little bit of what you fancy does you good?

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