Wedding Trends - Gold, combined with vintage / shabby chicIt’s not your wedding rings that will hold the monopoly on being gold this year, it’s a growing trend for 2013 to theme your wedding in that regal colour.  I think that people have shied away from gold as a colour theme in the past for fear of it looking brassy  but actually this year’s trend seems to favour more muted tones than the shiny yellow gold that springs to mind.  Actually, 2013 will see it often combined with one other strong colour (think theatrical burgundy or regal purple) or with the ever popular vintage / shabby chic theme (add in lots of glassware to reflect the golden candle light and neutral ivory tones) to produce some really gorgeous ideas with more than a hint of luxury.

As well as there being lots of commercially available products on a gold theme, there are also lots of DIY wedding ideas that can be completed – for example, charity shop frames can be sanded down and painted with gold enamel to produce stunning table numbers, vases and containers gathered from car boot and table top sales can be painted gold or even covered in gold leaf (surprisingly cheap and readily available from hobby shops or popular internet auction sites) to create stunning centrepieces piled high with ivory flowers (place the whole thing on a mirror and you get double the gold for your money!), even pine cones sprayed gold to hold place cards.  Of course, candlelight is golden by nature so lots and lots of tea lights in plain glass votives and dinner candles in crystal holders (you can’t move for these in charity shops, and another one of this years big wedding themes is unique and non-matching so you actually being ultra-fashionable as well as thrifty) are a cheap and easy way to bathe your whole wedding in a golden glow.

Most brides will probably shy away from going for gold in terms of their entire dress but a little internet searching can reveal a dazzling array of gold accessories for your hair, stunning shoes and even tiny gold handmade buttons to be sewn onto the ribbon of your wedding bouquet.  Bridesmaids can afford to be a little more bold of course in their colour choices and there are lot of soft golden bridesmaid dresses out there, both long and short – think more golden ivory than gold sequins and sparkle!  Smaller bridesmaids may be a little overwhelmed with all gold, but again there are plenty of accessories in terms of shoes, hair clips, alice bands and waistband ribbons that can be added to co-ordinate their little outfits with your golden theme.  Of course, the boys should not be forgotten and the good thing about gold is that is isn’t too girly so it should be no problem in getting them to agree to gold waistcoats, pocket handkerchiefs or cravats.

The ways to build your colour scheme into your wedding are of course only limited by your imagination, but click on the link below for some ideas and inspiration to get you started…

Gold Wedding – Pinterest Inspiration Board Here