Wedding Trends 2014 – Distracting Accents

Wedding Trends 2014 – Distracting Accents

This is one of those wedding trends for 2014 that has engendered more controversy than it has praise amongst the wedding fashionistas – there seemed to be a catwalk leaning in the recent wedding shows for accents and accessories to the wedding dress that really overshadow the dress itself, and in some cases, even putting the bride into the shade.

From feathered headdresses to ruffled capes, there was an abundance of statement pieces which in themselves add a touch of drama and there certainly seems to be a move towards individual and quirky touches in the wedding industry as a whole during 2014.  I love the thought of adding individual touches to wedding – at the beginning of this decade it did seem a struggle to find anything different at a wedding that really stamped the couples’ personalities on the day.  Pinterest is ironically hurting as much as it is helping with this state of affairs as everyone pins their individual wedding touches to their ‘Dream Wedding’ board and those unique touches are copied around until they are no more individual than the ubiquitous chocolate fountain (not that I don’t love a chocolate fountain as much as the next girl, don’t get me wrong there).

However, in the examples below, you have to say that you notice the accessory before you notice the bride.  Obviously catwalk shows are designed to push the boundaries and what filters down to the mainstream as a trend is really a version diluted to the taste of the everyday brides and grooms. All the same, despite ‘quirkiness’, ‘personality’ and ‘drama’ being the industry buzzwords for 2014, it would seem to a fine line to walk between ‘statement’ and ‘I just can’t take my eyes off it’.

Wedding Dresses - Distracting Accents Trend 2014 Wedding Dresses - Distracting Accents Trend 2014 Wedding Dresses - Distracting Accents Trend 2014


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