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Hi, Sarah here.  So as a girl, I get it – one of the things that us ladies are best at doing is being hard on ourselves.  And it’s easy to let this become so much a part of our routine that it gets in the way of us actually living out our full potential. We are experts at waiting until…

…waiting until we’ve lost a couple of pounds

…waiting until our hair is that little bit longer

…waiting until our skin is perfect

and sometimes this means that we will be waiting until the twelfth of never.  So the question I have for you is what would it be like if you stopped waiting and just did it.  I happen to think that’s probably good life advice (though I’m a self proclaimed procrastinator level expert) but in this case, I’m talking about booking your boudoir photo shoot.

Our lives are always so busy with work and family that quite often we put ourselves at the bottom of the list but what would be so wrong about taking a few minutes out to put ourselves first? If the thought of a photo shoot that’s just for you has ever crossed your mind, then maybe it’s time to just push the button and make it happen.

Our boutique studio in Crawley Down is a warm, cosy and relaxed space for you to take a mini time out, get pampered with professional hair and make up and just enjoy being yourself.  You don’t need to have modelling experience or even sky high confidence, no-one’s going to stand you in the studio and expect you to know how to work it.  We’ll help you with styling, guide you through a series of flattering poses in wonderful lighting and get to creating your images.  How nude you want to be, or don’t want to be, is entirely up to you – stay fully dressed or dare to bare, it’s your choice and there’s no pressure or set formula to our sessions – each one is designed and tailored just for you.

What’s more, if you’re putting off booking because you’ve heard horror stories about friends who’ve been subjected to high pressure sales after their shoot and persuaded to part with hundreds for just a few prints – rest assured, they didn’t come to us.  We don’t like to be sold to and so we don’t do it to our clients.  When your images are ready (and even the level of airbrushing that we apply is within your control), you simply view and order from your private online gallery.  At prices that might surprise you with how competitive they are.

So if you’re waiting then stop.  Because we have news for you, you’re perfect just as you are.

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