BFF Boudoir Party

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Schedule your Boudoir Party, Twosomes and Threesomes Today! Perfect for Hen Dos, Birthday groups and Christmas stocking fillers! Want to have a fun time with your girlfriends? Then how about a Boudoir Party at our Studio? What is a boudoir party you ask? It is where we host a image shoot for a group of up 3 of you at one time, we can also offer to sort your hair and makeup! We accept groups

Why Book a Boudoir Session?

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Why book a boudoir session?  Well there's lots of reasons... It's been around for a while so you probably already know someone who's done one or at least talked about it but I guess everyone has a different motivation.  Probably the most usual is a 'bridal boudoir' session, booked by a bride-to-be and the images given on the morning of the wedding to give the groom something to think about on the run up to the

Five Ways to Prepare for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

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So you've made the decision to book a boudoir photo shoot - go you!  You're going to rock it but there's always a comfort in a little bit of planning so you know you're totally ready for it (well there is for me anyway) so here's some top tips on getting ready for your photo shoot. Change it Up When you layout your clothing to take, try and create a variety of looks.  So don't take three lingerie sets

Boudoir Photography & Nudity

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Contrary to popular opinion, true boudoir isn't about nudity.  It's not necessarily even about lingerie really.  It's about the tease, it's about your inner sexy and it's about showing you at your beautiful best - clothed or otherwise. So if you've always liked the idea of a photo shoot, but you've been worried about being naked in front of a stranger or you don't have an extensive, perfect lingerie collection then don't let these be barriers for you.  Of

Give the present of Yourself for Valentines

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Give the present of yourself for Valentines Now with £25 off up until Valanties Day! £125... Now £100 Want something fun but naughty? Explore your naughty side with a retro pinup photo session, images for you, your wall, or something private for your partner. You can add a makeover and hair styling or just have the shoot. You decide how saucy you want your photographs, we'll apply full airbrushing and retouching to your shoot. There are no sales or

Boudoir Photography – Dare to Bare!

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Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to boudoir photography.  Some people choose to stay fully dressed and some people want to create fine art nude images and of course, there's everything in between.  We never have a preconceived plan when you book and attend a boudoir shoot in our studio  - you're in the driving seat and we will guide you through your session according to your preferences. This

Boudoir Photography Some Questions Answered

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Frequently Asked Questions for Boudoir Sessions Do I need to be able to pose? No, we'll talk you through that, there are a few tricks we will show you for posing in any photograph and as we go along we will guide you to the best and most flattering positions. Can you do my make-up and hair style? Yes, absolutely, in fact we recommend that you use Sarah our make-up and hair stylist. Do you

You’re Perfect Just as You Are! Stop Waiting and Book your Boudoir Session…

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Hi, Sarah here.  So as a girl, I get it - one of the things that us ladies are best at doing is being hard on ourselves.  And it's easy to let this become so much a part of our routine that it gets in the way of us actually living out our full potential. We are experts at waiting until... ...waiting until we've lost a couple of pounds ...waiting until our hair is that little bit longer ...waiting

Boudoir Photography as a Gift for Valentines Day!

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Forget chocolates and champagne as this year's Valentines gifts.  Well, don't forget them, they're yummy but add something else into the mix as well! How about wrapping up some super sexy boudoir pictures as well to really thrill the love in your life? Our boutique boudoir studio is a warm and cosy space in the heart of West Sussex in Crawley Down.  We can offer all styles of boudoir photography from fully clothed classy female portraiture, through cute

Boudoir Photography – Capturing You

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Lyssa booked her boudoir shoot with some clear ideas on what she wanted to create in mind.  She already has a very striking look which worked well with the edgy style of topless and implied nude images that she wanted to create and so it was our pleasure to work with her on creating the perfect image gallery for her. Of course you don't have to be so sure of exactly what you want

Boudoir Photos – the Perfect Christmas Present for the Love of your Love

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If you're starting to wonder about the perfect Christmas present for the love in your life, then consider giving the gift you know they won't forget and book a boudoir photo shoot.  Get ready to watch their eyes light up as they open their present and see your photos. Sessions take place in our warm and cosy boutique studio in Crawley Down in the heart of West Sussex, and you can choose whether you'd like Steve or Sarah

Boudoir Photographer in Crawley Down, West Sussex

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Jade came to visit for a boudoir photo shoot in our studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex.  It was my good fortune to be the one shooting her session.  There's two of us photographers here, Steve and Sarah and you can choose who you'd like for your session.  My images tend to be more romantic and softer which is great if that's your style but if you want something super sexy then I'd definitely recommend

We Have a New String to our Boudoir Bow

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Delighted to be using a brand new area of our studio, working in natural window light here to create gorgeous sexy silhouettes - proving once again with boudoir that showing less skin can be just as sexy. I've been wanted to add in a window light setting for a while to give us some more lifestyle type boudoir options but it was a case of getting the chance to make a few

Boudoir Photographer in Crawley Down, West Sussex

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Boudoir photography doesn't mean the same thing to everyone - for as many different types of women there are, and for as many reasons to want to do a photo shoot, there are as many different styles of photography to suit. When you visit the studio, you might have a really clear idea of what you want from your shoot, or you might be more uncertain and want to see how it goes on

Boudoir Photography in Sussex – Just Go for It!

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A boudoir photo shoot had been on this lovely lady's 'bucket list' of items for a number of years and she decided to just go for it and book in for a photography session. Sometimes it's easy to put these things off while you wait for the perfect time or special occasion but in truth, there's nothing like taking the bull by the horns and booking one of these empowering sessions to boost your confidence

Boudoir Photography in our Crawley Studio

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Boudoir photography means different things to different people and the lovely ladies that come to visit us all have different ideas and different reasons for taking the plunge and booking a photo shoot. One thing that they all have in common however, are a few nerves when they first start the session which quickly fade as they find their groove and realise that our studio is a safe, warm and welcoming space where they can express their inner

Boudoir Photo Shoots – Lingerie

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There's a difference between choosing underwear for you and for a photo shoot. What drives your other half wild in the bedroom (or wherever, I'm not judging), doesn't always work in a studio environment. So, if you're booking a boudoir photo shoot, it's worth spending a little time making your selections (and maybe a little money depending on your current lingerie collection). First things first. You've got to love your choice of underwear.

Boudoir Photo Shoots – The Facts

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The undisputed queen of boudoir has to be Marilyn Monroe (OK, Dita Von Teese too but this story isn't about her so...).  It's rumoured that when Henri Cartier Bresson arrived at a photo shoot with her, he asked her to bless his camera.  Cheekily she pretended to sit on it and declared the job done! Well that's a lady with attitude and she's a good girl to channel when you are at a boudoir photo shoot - not the

Boudoir Photography Hair and Makeup

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If you're booking a boudoir shoot and fancy adding a little bit of extra pamper factor, then you can add in professional hair styling and make up to your package.  I'm Sarah and as well as being a photographer (or photographer's assistant if Steve will be taking the lead on your photo shoot), I'm also a qualified MUA and session stylist so I can take care of you all the way through your

Boudoir Photography before your Wedding – the Perfect Wedding Present for your Groom

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If you're looking for the perfect present for your groom-to-be, then think about what he will think when he opens up a book of photos from your boudoir photo shoot.  I mean, he probably doesn't need a present as he's already getting to marry you, but all the same - a present like that is definitely going to rock his world! We offer all types of photo shoot style from boudoir, pin-up and Hollywood glamour

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