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VisualChaos Studios based near Crawley, East Grinstead & Gatwick, West Sussex, is a studio run by professionally qualified award-winning photographers Steve and Sarah Fisher. We are there to capture the whole wedding.

You are unlikely to spend the kind of money you spend on wedding pictures and video many times (if at all) in your life, so selecting the right wedding photographer and videographer is very important.

As you hire the Wedding Photographer / videographer and not the pictures or film, it is very important that you check us out before booking by coming to meet us if possible or by chatting over the phone, Skype/Facebook/eMail etc… Chemistry is vitally important to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable, just as much as technical perfection, and so a visit to our studio for a no obligation chat is sensible if you aren’t too far away.

For those living out of the area, a chat over the phone, Skype, email or social media will work just as well, we shoot destination weddings with clients overseas so we are used to remote communications. You will be amazed at how much wedding knowledge we have from the many many years of experience we have of shooting weddings, so if nothing else, it’s a good opportunity to pick our brains.

Your wedding day is so exciting that it can race past without you having time to notice the results of all your careful planning. Through all your years together, you will come to rely on your wedding pictures, movie and wedding album as the most complete reminder of your happy day.

This is why choosing the right wedding photographer and videographer for you is so important.

It’s not just important memories, it is a historical heirloom for your children, and their descendants. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding is held at a church, hotel, registry office, or whether the wedding is traditional, contemporary or a same-sex civil partnership, religious or non-religious, your wedding story will be captured professionally, sensitively and creatively.

With our wedding cinematography, we create a modern alternative to the old style wedding video. No longer 6 hours long of documentary footage (zzzz….), our wedding films are a movie experience, telling your wedding story in a full feature 15-30 minute film, staring of course the Bride & Groom! We even create a movie trailer the perfect length 2-3 minutes long for you to play on Facebook and other social media services so that your followers get a full flavour of your fantastic wedding day.


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  • Coverage from preparations to first dance

  • Professional Wedding Photographer

  • Professional Wedding Cinematographer

  • Journalistic Photography Styles

  • Modern Photography Styles

  • Wedding Cinematography 15-20min Film

  • Photos and Movie on USB & 30 Day Online Portfolio

  • Italian Designer Storybook Album

  • Aerial Drone Photos and Video (conditions apply)

  • Trash/Cherish the Dress Shoot (optional)

  • Bridal Boudoir Shoot (optional)

  • Consultations and Travel in the UK

  • Years of Wedding Experience

  • For Destination Weddings just add the travel/accommodation at cost


Modern wedding photography has moved on from the days of simple family group capture after the ceremony, with a few pictures signing the register and cutting the cake.

With the move to digital photography we can now tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds and as it should be, using a documentary journalistic style that allows you to focus on your big day without the constant interruption and control of the photographer.

Add to that the opportunity for creative wedding fine art shots along with traditional or classic wedding portraiture, in colour as well as black and white, you have a fantastic pictorial story full of history, fun and emotion.

The photography coverage can start with the bride an hour or so prior to leaving for the ceremony, and continues with your ceremony and reception (wedding breakfast) through to when you sit down to eat. We can offer speeches and first dance coverage in our Fusion Packages, (includes cinematography) and concludes after your first dance or 9pm (whichever comes first).

We use a very unobtrusive editorial and documentary style of photography as well as classic portraits if required such as family groups with mum and dad, family and friends. Photographs are taken of the dress, shoes and flowers, along with the fun and excitement of the bride and her friends and family getting ready, along with the groom (if coverage is included) with his best man and groomsmen.


With our Fusion wedding package we include a wedding film carefully and skillfully created from video shots and sound captured over the course of the day. We can even include drone footage too!

The style is very cinematic, like a movie, staring the bride and groom. We don’t shoot the old fashion wedding video and present you with hours of documentary footage that you are likely to only sit through once. The story for the film is shot by collecting key moments throughout the day up to your first dance, along with sound of course and when/where permitted/applicable, aerial images shot with our professional certified drones pilots.

There is no specific length to the film although the target length will range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Hollywood will shoot for 9-12 months with a huge team and multi cameras to produce just a 90 minute film, we have one day and it’s a wedding first and foremost, so content is king and the film length will reflect this.

In addition to the feature film, we have additional options to include full vows and speech coverage, edit and presentation. Plus a short 2-3 minute social media friendly trailer for your wedding film, fantastic to show family and friends and those you are connected to.

We call this our Wedding “Fusion” package, and includes wedding photography, wedding cinematography video film,  sound and drone coverage (subject to permissions and the weather), two professional creatives, along with a professional designer wedding album from Graphistudio. More information here…


Short Story (Photos)

  • Professional Photography
  • Images via Digital Download
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~

Full Story (Photos)

  • Professional Photography
  • Images Via Digital Download
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~
  • ~

Fusion Story

  • Professional Photography
  • All Images/Film on USB
  • Trash the Dress Shoot (Optional)
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot (Optional)
  • 2nd Pro Photographer
  • Wedding Cinematography
  • ~

Fusion Story + Album

  • Professional Photography
  • All Images/Film on USB
  • Trash the Dress Shoot (Optional)
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot (Optional)
  • 2nd Pro Photographer
  • Wedding Cinematography
  • 20 page Italian Designer Album


wedding albums from graphistudio

There is plenty of choice with regards to the wedding albums we offer when booking the Fusion Story Package. Your album can hold between 50 and 150 pictures (approx depending on size and design, more if needed) but you can if you wish upgrade to bigger sizes or add pages to hold more.

Each album is designed by our skilled and experienced hand (we don’t contract the work out) from the picture choices you make which makes them all unique and personal to you. We create an initial presentation of the album after a chat with you about design and then we consult over subsequent proofs with you until you are happy, before submitting for production.

A Wedding album is included with our top wedding “Fusion+Album” package, but can be purchased separately with any wedding coverage package from our online shop.


We can review our price if you wedding plans don’t fit our published package options, so it is always good to get in touch and ask, particularly if your wedding is on a week day or out of season.
Absolutely! You really should…. If you are able to travel to our studio, then that is the best place for us to meet, but  if you are not local then using the Phone, eMail or Skype or Facebook or equivalent to chat works just as well. To make an appointment for a chat use our online calendar – Contact Us
We don’t print out work any longer due to costs and that the work is out of date so quickly. Instead we publish 100s if not 1000s of images on our website(s) and they are always fresh and up to date. Follow the links to the gallery/portfolio page and use the picture links to sort through our work. We know that most people use their phones to surf the internet these days, and that’s fine, however remember that phone tech is still not good enough yet plus the size of screen is not the best way to look at proper pictures. So, please try to view our work on a PC or Mac and enjoy the experience as it was designed to be. We don’t put small low resolutions images on-line as this cheapens the work, so you will need to be patient if you still wish to view on a phone – Click here for the gallery
Yes of course…. but we have had bad experiences with cheap amateur providers who have little interest in what we do or that of their clients to be honest. As we offer a unique and modern alternative to the wedding video ourselves, we highly recommend you take that option instead – it will be cheaper also!
This is a difficult one to answer as there are so many styles that we bring to the day, depending on what part of the day it is and clients requirements. The majority of the time we use a journalistic approach for the photography side (or reportage as it is often called) because your wedding day should be told like any other story. Taking pictures that tells this story is the backbone to the photographic coverage. Then we add classic or traditional styles to cover family group shots if you require them as well as traditional styles to cover the anchor shots such as getting out the bridal car, walking down the aisle, cutting the cake etc. Where we then differ is on how we use creative opportunities, when shooting the couple on their own, in what we affectionately like to call the ‘portrait walk’. Here we may use fashion, pictorial and editorial photographic styles, whether they are planed or spontaneous, and is a chance to experiment perhaps, or to just simply have some fun! In any event we talk through all this prior to the wedding so that we know what you like and want, as at all times it is your call. With the wedding film we shoot a cinematic style of story telling designed to be watched over and over again. We don’t provide you with 6 hours of documentary, our films are are content built and usually run between 15 and 30 minutes
Yes, you most certainly do… We provide you with photography images sized at 9″ on the longest side at a resolution of 240 ppi in jpeg format. This means that you can print them up to about an A4 size although we recommend for quality up to 9″ only. We can also provide you with a Social Media copies that you can use on Social Media like Facebook that is sized correctly with the appropriate copyright notice for use on such sites.
No, sorry, absolutely not, why would you want it anyway? The copyright will always stay with the photographer or film maker – Click here for our copyright policy
Yes, we need to take a deposit from your to secure your date which is NOT refundable. We make a commitment to clients when they book to not take any other photography or video bookings on that day, whether that is another wedding or a session in the Studio or commercial shoot/film (we physically close the studio for the whole day) or photographing the Queen! We don’t pencil clients in for any date, the only way to secure a date is to complete the booking form AND pay the wedding deposit, we will then confirm your booking formally, after which we are contractually bound. If you have to cancel your wedding for whatever reason, we will not refund the deposit UNLESS we have managed to resell the same wedding date to someone else at the same fee. Please ensure that you are totally happy to enter into a contact/agreement with us to provide your wedding photography/videography and that you take out wedding insurance which is very very very cheap considering. Here is a list of insurers you should look at.
In the UK you have to think about and make plans for the weather, it’s just the way it is. When looking for a venue, doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you should discuss with the venue about what happens if it rains. Guests huddled together in a small indoor space with no natural light is not conducive to taking great imagery – we must have light! So you may want to talk about a back up room with as much available light as you can get. With rain it will lower the ambient light levels and so bright cleanly lit rooms are best. It may still be necessary to use studio lights or speedlite flash units, but this should be seen as a last resort. Modern cameras are working very well these days in low light, but the quality will still be compromised. So think ahead and make a note to plan for the weather both with the venue as well as with us…. hot cold, rainy, dry, burning sun, snow or hail can all conspire to ruin your wedding imagery despite the best efforts of professional photographers and film makers, so planning is the key.
Yes we are…. We are professional qualified and accredited and make our living solely from photography, videography, cinematography and aerial drone work.
Not really, probably not…. May be….. Don’t know… You can’t really compare as you won’t know what their costs and over heads are compared to ours, or whether they have other work/job supplementing their income etc. We have thought a lot about our fees and what we quote is what we need to charge when taking into account costs, bills, investment into equipment, investment into training, professional insurances and most importantly, skills and abilities! If the most important decision you need to make is about the price between us, then you should go with the cheaper one! The cheapest option is of course to get a mate to do it right? But as you are still reading our website at this point, we assume that you have your wedding imagery very high up on your agenda – which is where it truly should be.
Yes, no problem. Weddings have taken us into Europe as well as round the UK. We will charge on travel and accommodation if needed, at cost.
No, although they can be tricky! Winter weddings really benefit from an early ceremony time as the light can disappear as early at 3pm in December. So again, give some careful thought to the venue you choose and make sure that they have the appropriate indoor facilities. It is essential that you visit your venue in the season you plan to marry so you can see the location, light and gardens that will appear on the day at that time of year. We speak to a lot of clients who chose a venue due to the fantastic gardens they saw when they visited in the summer, but then chose a winter date and of course the gardens have disappeared. Careful planning is the key and talk to us so we can advise you on how to get the best out of your wedding photography and movie.
Firstly – touch-wood – this has never happened. Sure we have had colds, man flu, limps, aches and pains but nothing that will keep us from attending a wedding. It would have to be something very serious to keep us away. But if truly incapacitated then we would call upon our industry body to provide equivalent cover.
We use the latest pro equipment as you would expect and continue to invest and replace gear all the time. We are not an amateurs, we are pros and therefore the top gear are the tools for our trade. They are not cheap either!
No, totally up to you. However, consider the older members of the family who may still want these shots, they don’t have to be boring or stuffy of course and can be taken very quickly. But as always, this is up to you.
Reportage is another way of saying unobtrusive journalistic story telling, allowing the story of the day to unfold naturally without too much control and contrived posing and photographer intervention. You have heard that a “picture is worth a 1000 words” right? The best pictorial story tellers have always been war journalist types, and this skill is something that has to be learned and developed assuming an eye for it existed initially. Unfortunately a lot of new photographers starting out who opt to adopt a machine-gun approach to blasting away 1000s of images with their camera set on paparazzi mode in the hope of photoshopping a selection based on what they have seen on other photographer’s websites also call this Reportage…… sorry, ranting…. ‘wind the window down, wind the window down…”

Our Most Popular Wedding Venues

Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club Wych Cross, Forest Row, East Grinstead RH18 5JR Phone: 01342 824988

Ashdown Park Hotel
& Country Club

Wych Cross, Forest Row,
East Grinstead RH18 5JR

Phone: 01342 824988

Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club Wych Cross, Forest Row, East Grinstead RH18 5JR Phone: 01342 824988

Alexander House Hotel

East St, Turners Hill,
Crawley RH10 4QD

Phone: 01342 714914

South Lodge Hotel Brighton Rd Horsham RH13 6PS Phone: 01403 891711

South Lodge

Brighton Rd
Horsham RH13 6PS

Phone: 01403 891711

Herstmonceux Castle Wartling Road Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1RN Phone: 01323 833 816


Wartling Road
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1RN

Phone: 01323 833 816

Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa Nutfield Rd, Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4EL Phone: 0845 072 7485

Nutfield Priory
Hotel & Spa

Nutfield Rd, Nutfield,
Surrey, RH1 4EL

Phone: 0845 072 7485

The Walled Garden Cowdray Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9AL Phone: 01403 891711

The Walled Garden

Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9AL

Phone: 01730 816881


More of our most popular wedding venues

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 “… Magazine Styled Wedding Photography, Cinematic Wedding Videography…. Editorial, Journalistic, Pictorial, and Glamorous…”


Bridal Boudoir Photography Shoot

Professional, experienced creative and expert. Traditional boudoir and fashion styles through to implied, glamour and fine art nudes.

Trash the Dress or Cherish the Dress

Wedding Art Session for After the Wedding?

Fantastic wedding venues we work at

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A relaxed wedding showing a contemporary journalistic style… More weddings can be seen on our YouTube Channel – VisualChaos Studios YouTube Channel

A very traditional if not contemporary style…
More weddings can be seen on our YouTube Channel – VisualChaos Studios YouTube Channel

A Photofilm the new alternative to Wedding Videos… More weddings can be seen on our YouTube Channel – VisualChaos Studios YouTube Channel

We enjoy covering weddings at the following wedding venues

Alexander House Hotel – Arundel Town Hall – Bailiffscourt Hotel & Health Spa – Bartholomew Barn – Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel – Cottesmore Golf & Country Club – Cowdray Walled Garden – Duncton Mill – East Court – Eastlands Estate – Europa Hotel Maidenbower – Felbridge Hotel – Fontwell Park Racecourse – Gatwick Manor – Goodwood House – Goodwood Park House – Goodwood Racecourse – Highdown Towers – Jeremys – Mannings Heath Golf Club – Ockenden Manor – Ramada Plaza Gatwick – Rumbolds Farm – Slaugham Place – South Lodge Hotel – Spread Eagle Hotel – The Angel Hotel – The Burlington Hotel – The Copthorne Gatwick Hotel – The Inglenook Hotel – The Norfolk Arms Hotel – The Ravenswood – The Royal Norfolk Hotel – The White Swan – Upwaltham Barns – Wakehurst Place – Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

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