OK, if you’re planning a wedding, you’ll already have a big list of items that you need to make arrangements for to get your day organised.

Still, here’s five little wedding gadgets that won’t break the bank and might well make your wedding day run just a little bit smoother!

Veil Weights – if you’re having a veil, then these are a great investment.  They are little decorative magnetic clips that attach to the bottom of your veil to ensure that it stays in place even on a windy day.  No more managing a veil with a mind of it’s own when you’re trying to enjoy your day!

Heel Protectors – a lot of venues have fabulous lawns that you’ll probably want to enjoy and be photographed on but soft lawns and high heels don’t always go together and so these little plastic gismos can make your life a little easier by stopping you from sinking in.  If you’re feeling generous and it’s likely that all of your female guests will want to be on the lawn, you could even put out on a basket for them to help themselves to.

New Shoes?  On the subject of shoes, if you’re buying new shoes for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that they are comfortable for your big day.  Normally you’d just wear them a few times but this can be a problem if you want to keep them pristine for your big day.  So you can stretch them in advance by filling them with a sealed ziplock bag of water and putting them in the freezer.  As the water freezes, it expands and it will give your shoes a gentle stretch for you.

Dryer Sheets – These are perfect for removing white deodorant marks.  OK, brides normally wear white so not much to worry about there but these are good to have with you in case your bridesmaids are wearing darker colours.  Simply rub with short firm strokes to get the white stain to disappear.

Wedding Survival Kit – Kit up one of your bridal party with a wedding survival kit and let everyone know that who they need to go and see if they have a minor emergency.  This can be as simple or complicated as you like but tampons, blister plasters, safety pins, nail file, sewing kit, mini deoderant and cooling mist can be a great start.

Little things can make a big difference!