5 Things you Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

5 Things you Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

We’ve been photographing weddings for a really long time (so long that it makes us a little bit sad to think how old we’re getting) so we’re used to being on the look out for all sorts of events and opportunities to make sure we capture all the memories that will be important to you as you move on through married life together.  We’ll also already have a rough plan for the day including items such as the group shots you want.  However, there are some things that it’s really helpful if you tell us in advance…

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  1. We know that families are not as straightforward as they were fifty years ago and lots of people (most of them probably) have parents, step parents, half brothers, same sex partnerships etc).  We do like to check beforehand how your family is set up – not because we’re nosy but because we don’t want to cause embarrassment on the day putting parents together when they’re really not that fond of each other or missing out on step parents because we don’t know about them.  So tell us, there’s nothing we can be shocked by, and it just means the day runs a little smoother…
  2. Tell us if any of your guests have mobility restrictions.  That way we can make sure we don’t make someone walk or stand for longer than they are comfortable, that we have suitable seating or we work in accessible areas so everyone is included.
  3. If you’ve spent time on little details then tell us all about them so we can capture them.  OK, we’re always on the look out for the wonderful details that you’ve put into your wedding such as flowers, table plans etc and we’ll capture all of that stuff.  However, if you’ve stitched special initials into your hems, slipped stickers onto the bottom of your shoes, bought special cufflinks, hidden photos of loved ones in your bouquet, then there’s a small chance that we might not notice.  We don’t want to miss a thing that matters to you so if you’re not sure, then just tell us all about it…
  4. Similarly, if there’s a special location at your venue that you’d like to be photographed in then let us know.  We pick out all the places that we think will make for great pictures but you might want somewhere we haven’t thought for other reasons – one of the common ones is to match photos from previous generations – so just shout.  Your wish is our command.
  5. If you’re planning a surprise, such as a crazy first dance or impromptu singing, then let us in on the secret.  We won’t tell a soul but we will make sure that we are in the right place and ready to capture it along with your guest reactions.
VisualChaos Wedding Photographer Sussex Surrey Kent
VisualChaos Wedding Photographer Sussex Surrey Kent
VisualChaos Wedding Photographer Sussex Surrey Kent
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