You can hardly have failed to notice that drones are big news at the moment, whether it be for positive or negative reasons.

Still their ability to provide a unique viewpoint for both photography and videography cannot be in doubt and VisualChaos have their own drone and CAA certified operator in Steve which lets us offer you drone photography at your wedding included in our standard wedding package.

Where Drones are Great

There are some areas in which drone photography and filming excel – adding Hollywood production value with sweeping views of your wedding venue or capturing fun images of your guests as a group at your special day.

Where Drones are Weaker

There are also some areas in which drones are weaker such as close up photography – drone cameras are very wide angled and so they are not designed to capture the details of people or expressions.

Then there are also some areas that you need to consider if you are planning to add a drone to your wedding day.

Safety First

Firstly and most importantly, there’s a big safety issue.  A certified drone operator has to apply to the CAA for permission to be able to fly their machine and, in doing so, must submit an extensive manual detailing the safety policies and procedures that they will follow.  So you can expect anyone who is flying a drone legally to be very invested in doing so safely – if you’re talking to someone about bringing a drone to your wedding and they don’t ask any questions, then you should probably approach them with a good degree of caution.  The cost savings you might get (and you might not even get those) are not worth the risk of cutting corners on safety procedures.

You Need the Venue’s Permission

Drones need permission to take off and land on private property and so you will definitely need permission from your venue if you’re to having a flying photographer on your wedding day.  There’s some reasons such as matters of safety, privacy and proximity to some no-fly zones that might affect their decision but just put your wedding coordinator in touch with us and we’ll take care of everything by working with them directly.

Drone’s Need Good Weather

Commercial drones are pretty sturdy machines but they still need the right weather conditions in order to be able to take to the air – rain and high winds will ground them.  For this reason, we don’t charge extra for drone photography at your wedding and we’ll do our best to get it in the air to capture your images but obviously the weather is outside of our control (if it wasn’t, wow, what a world that would be!).   We’ll be watching the weather on the run up to your wedding and we should have a pretty good idea of whether we will be in a go / no-go situation by the day before and we’ll definitely let you know.

Keep Drones Outside

Under certain circumstances, drones can fly indoors but apart from the obvious safety considerations of operating in close proximity to your wedding guests, they are also pretty loud.  So plan on drone footage and photography being obtained outdoors and only during an outdoor ceremony under circumstances where a flight would not be distracting for your guests.

Find Out More About Our Wedding Photography Package

You are unlikely to spend the kind of money you spend on wedding pictures and video many times (if at all) in your life, so selecting the right wedding photographer and videographer is very important.

Our wedding photography package can be tailored to suit your exact needs but as standard it includes…

  • Coverage from preparations through to first dance
  • 2 professional image creators
  • Photos and movie on USB and a 30 day online portfolio to share with your guests
  • Wedding cinematography film
  • Italian designer storybook album
  • Aerial drone photos and video
  • 1st anniversary trash / cherish the dress photo shoot (optional of course)
  • Travel within the UK – outside of the UK, we simply add the travel / accommodation at cost
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