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The welfare of the environment is a concern for an increasing amount of people so it’s not surprising that it’s recently becoming a factor for consideration when couples are wedding planning.

In fact a recent survey conducted by the wedding planning app Bridebook, indicated that 39% of couples who took part had considered sustainability as part of their wedding planning process.   This sizeable proportion means that sustainable weddings are moving away from the preserve of the eco-vangelist and firmly into the mainstream.

Here’s some ideas of ways you can blend caring for the planet with creating your perfect wedding day.

Your Wedding Venue

You can start with taking a look at the eco-credentials of your wedding venue.  The the ‘blue plant effect’ at the forefront of the news, some are even committing to becoming plastic free.  Pick one of those and you are already making a difference before you start.

Having your ceremony and reception in one place is always going to make savings on the impact (and the cost) of transport. If you’re marrying somewhere separate from the rest of the festivities, then consider hiring communal transport to save lots of individual journeys.

Your Invitations

To save paper, you could consider going paperless for your wedding invitations.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, a lot of suppliers are offering stationery made from recycled materials.  A wedding website can save con correspondence and extra paper dedicated to providing your guests with location and accommodation information.  All the information they need in a single source that you can keep updated, and a great place to share photos afterwards too!

Your Flowers

Choose flowers that are in season for your floral arrangements and bouquets.  Even better, use living plants rather than cut flowers for your centrepieces.  They can be gifted to family or replanted in your own garden as a lasting reminder of your wedding day.  If you don’t have homes for your flowers, then check out charities such as Floral Angels who distribute them in women’s refuges across London so that they can continue to be enjoyed.

Your Confetti

Throwing confetti is a fun tradition loved by couples, guests and photographers alike.  Dried flower petals are a sustainable and non-damaging choice and you even dry your own with a bit of advance planning.  Or think outside the box and go for an eco-friendly bubble pack like this one by Doctor Zigs. 

Your Decor

When it comes to decorating your venue, it is good to remember that decorations can last more than a day. You can buy and repurpose other people’s decorations (there is a thriving second hand wedding market online).  Friends and family may have items they can loan and depending on your style choices, charity shops can be both thrifty and green.

The good news is that choosing eco-friendly items for your wedding can often mean that you are making cost savings as well – it’s a win all around.

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