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Top Tips for Great Wedding Photos

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It's  a fact of life that most people don't like having their photograph taken and some people can actually find it really stressful. Whilst things are going to be different on your wedding day - let's face it, you're going to be dressed up and looking your best, marrying the love of your life and feeling probably more fabulous than the average day - it can still be a source of anxiety for some folk.  So here's some tips

Wedding Trends for 2018

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Of course your wedding and how you plan it is as individual as you are but, as with all things, there are trends that come and go.  Here's some that are forecast to be big in 2018 so if you're busy planning your wedding right now it might be fun to know what's making the news.  Take them or leave them, there are some really lovely trends in the wedding industry from festive fizziness to sharing the day with

And the Wedding Colour for 2018 is…

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Well obviously the colour scheme that you choose for your wedding day is completely down to personal preference but every year there is one colour that is tipped to be the 'colour of the year'.  This year, it is Pantone 17-1512 TCX.  Catchy huh?  Luckily it has a much prettier name... Nostalgia Rose So the betting is we will be seeing this in plenty of bridesmaid dresses, seat covers and floral arrangements throughout 2018.  It's such a pretty

Five Wedding Traditions and What they Mean

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If you're planning a wedding then you already know that there are a million wedding traditions to consider, with friends and family inventing ones of their own to add to the pantheon.  Whether you want to include them in your wedding day is another matter but here's some fun facts about the origins of five of them. The tradition of showering the happy couple with confetti is one that has travelled around the

Getting Married – Know your Cravat-iquette

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As you can see from the above graphic, cravats have been around for a very long time and there's historically a lot of ways that they can be tied.   In modern times, of course, they've largely been superseded by the neck tie and usually it's only at weddings that you find that the cravat makes an appearance.  Of course this means that you might never have actually worn one before so here's some helpful advice. There are

Passport Costs Set to Rise – Renew Now to Beat the Hike

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If you're looking to travel shortly and need to renew your passport, you might want to know that cost of applying for that all important document for both adults and children is set to increase from March 27th. The cost of an adult passport will go up to £85 (from £72.50) The cost of a child passport will rise to £58.50 (from £46) So it makes sense, if your passport is due to expire this year, or if you have

A Wedding Sand Ceremony

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing a Humanist wedding at the very lovely Alexander House Hotel in Turners Hill (I could wax lyrical about this fabulous wedding venue but that's not the point of this blog post so I won't!Instead, you can find out more about it at my Alexander House Hotel wedding venue page). I've always found Humanist ceremonies to be very moving as the couple have complete flexibility to make the ceremony exactly as the

Give the present of Yourself for Valentines

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Give the present of yourself for Valentines Now with £25 off up until Valanties Day! £125... Now £100 Want something fun but naughty? Explore your naughty side with a retro pinup photo session, images for you, your wall, or something private for your partner. You can add a makeover and hair styling or just have the shoot. You decide how saucy you want your photographs, we'll apply full airbrushing and retouching to your shoot. There are no sales or

Top Five Tips for Choosing your Wedding Photographer

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Your photographer is likely to be one of your larger wedding investments and so you'll want to take your time and get it right. Here's some advice regarding making your selection that hopefully you'll find helpful when you're drowning in websites and wedding photography packages. I'm going to ignore the subject of budget for the purposes of this article - obviously (and sadly) we all know that money doesn't grow on trees and you'll have a budget for your

Why a Professional Wedding Photographer is Important

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Of course, as a professional photographer, any article with a title about why it's important to hire a professional photographer for your wedding is going to seem self-serving but honestly, this is something that I'm very passionate about. I've spoken to countless couples over the years during my photography career and it makes me sad to hear people's regrets that they saved on their budget by asking a friend / relative to take their wedding pictures and they were

Boudoir Photography – Dare to Bare!

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Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to boudoir photography.  Some people choose to stay fully dressed and some people want to create fine art nude images and of course, there's everything in between.  We never have a preconceived plan when you book and attend a boudoir shoot in our studio  - you're in the driving seat and we will guide you through your session according to your preferences. This

Can your Horoscope Help you Choose your Wedding Flowers

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So if you're in the middle of planning your wedding then you know that you have a million decisions to make. You have to decide about things that you never knew existed before you started!  So can your star sign help make one of the decisions for you by pointing you in the direction of the flowers you should choose? Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, it's more likely in this country that you will know your star

Top Five Tips for Staying Cool on your Wedding Day (& Looking Cooler)

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It's a catch 22 situation isn't it?  Everyone wants a warm sunny day to enjoy on their wedding day but no-one wants to look hot and flustered in their photos.  Here's our top five tips for staying cool and looking cooler... First off, before that, a pro photographer will always put you in the shade for your wedding photos.  A clear blue sky with blazing sun is lovely to bathe in but the heavy top light leads to

Unplugged Weddings – The Right Choice for You?

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There's a trend in recent years towards 'Unplugged Weddings' where couples actively request that  their guests put down their phones and cameras for all or part of their wedding day in order to be fully present and share with them. Put down my phone? Not on your life!  It's a reasonably common response but here are some reasons why you might want to consider an unplugged wedding. Yeah but You're a Photographer so You're Biased Let me state

Planning your Wedding – Top 5 Ways to Keep your Guests Happy

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If you're planning your wedding, you have a million balls in the air at once - creating your perfect day, keeping to your budget, managing family politics, ensuring everyone is up to speed on the plans for the day and their jobs and, oh yeah, it would be nice if you got to enjoy yourself too.  There's a lot going on crammed into a short time period - here's five ways to simplify your day that will also make

The Thorny Subject of Wedding Group Photography

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OK, as photographers we can be greeted with some mixed reactions from wedding guests.  In fact two of the most common phrases at the start of any conversation when I'm holding a camera are 'oh I'm not photogenic at all' or 'I hate having my photo taken'. Sometimes I just sit in the corner and weep!  No seriously, we do know that the photos are not the favourite part of the day. Here's some ideas to keep it

Passport and ID / Visa Photos

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If you're planning to travel with a child and need to organise their first passport or visa, then you have probably already started to dread the photo taking process.   The booths that are in shopping centres and supermarkets are not a great deal of fun for adults but for children, they can be a downright nightmare and if you're trying to take photos of a child before they can sit unaided, they're pretty much impossible.   It's quite easy

Boudoir Photography Some Questions Answered

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Frequently Asked Questions for Boudoir Sessions Do I need to be able to pose? No, we'll talk you through that, there are a few tricks we will show you for posing in any photograph and as we go along we will guide you to the best and most flattering positions. Can you do my make-up and hair style? Yes, absolutely, in fact we recommend that you use Sarah our make-up and hair stylist. Do you

My most viewed image in 2017

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So this is my most viewed image of 2017 with 1077 views! It is a simple female portrait using negative space to highlight isolation. The subject being nude helps the feeling of vulnerability. Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Aperture: 13/1 ISO: 50 Shutter Speed: 1/125 Focal Length: 24/1 Book your female portrait photography session today

You’re Perfect Just as You Are! Stop Waiting and Book your Boudoir Session…

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Hi, Sarah here.  So as a girl, I get it - one of the things that us ladies are best at doing is being hard on ourselves.  And it's easy to let this become so much a part of our routine that it gets in the way of us actually living out our full potential. We are experts at waiting until... ...waiting until we've lost a couple of pounds ...waiting until our hair is that little bit longer ...waiting